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There is safety in numbers. That is why we are always interested in linking up with partners and car dealers. You get to work with a leading supplier, you can broaden your customer base and in the longer term develop your business. Interested? If so, read on then get in touch with us and we will tell you more.

Are you a commercial vehicle converter? 

In that case you have the opportunity to become one of our Service Centers. This is a long-term partnership where we will provide you with support in marketing and training.

Are you a commercial vehicle dealer?

Ever come across a painter who wants to buy paint in one store and brushes in another? Or in the context of your business: if you not only sell vehicles but can also equip them with racking systems, then you have an ace up your sleeve. Customers such as electricians, plumbers and so on will find everything they need for their service vans in one and the same location.

Are you a vehicle importer?

Why not take the chance to stay one step ahead of your competitors: equip your vans with racking systems before you sell them on. It’s been proven to be a good deal – 30% of all service vehicles in Sweden are professionally equipped. So there certainly is a need.


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